Womens Conference

On a warm Saturday afternoon destiny women gathered into the venue of the first ever destiny women’s conference. With a theme such as be the best it is easy to understand the joy and excitement of the attendees. We were ushered in with lovely mocktails complete with colourful umbrellas and fresh fruit. With the chairs dressed in sparkly grey chair covers, the scene was set for an awesome time. Once everyone was settled in, we shared a word of prayer and officially began.

Reverend Thoko, the keynote speaker, kicked off the event. She began her segment by speaking about how to be the best. Below are some of her main points

  1. Set an achievable target on what you want to achieve.
  2. It doesn’t come easy- nothing good comes easy. Stop waiting for things to happen, go out there and get it.
  3. Be honest with yourself
  4. Keep going
  5. Looking the best- For example following a diet to be lose weight and be healthy and thus looking your best. Also investing in your looks e.g. clothes, hair.

Activities in this segment included finding a partner and putting on nail vanish or makeup together, keeping in the theme of looking your best (point e). We also had an ice breaking activity where we had to fill in a ‘find someone who’ sheet by finding a person with the skills listed. Questions listed included someone who has a brother and sister, someone who cannot drive, someone who has a pet etc.  The lady with the most points won a price. This was a great way to get to know each other and interact with new faces.

The next segment was about teaching our children as mothers.  This section was presented by Mrs Taiwo. The main points are listed below

  1. Be on the look out for your child’s ability and what they like to do and provide opportunities for them to do what they like e.g. if they like to sing they could join the choir.
  2. Encourage them by showing interest in what they do.
  3. Commit them into Gods hands.


This was then followed by Mrs Mulenga section about being the best in-law.  We can be the best in law by;

  1. Doing good to them despite what they do to us. Don’t pay evil with evil. Matthew 7:12 NIV “so in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the prophets.”
  2. Learning to forgive.
  3. Follow the example of Ruth toward Naomi. Ruth 1:16-18. Ruth was willing to stand by Naomi no matter what.

Mrs Oyero then taught us how to be the best at home by making sure our family prays together and investing time with our husbands for example having a phone free day and spending time together.

The final teaching of Saturday’s meeting was about the woman all godly women aim to emulate, the proverbs 31 woman. Reverend Thoko shared ten points about this woman that we us godly women should strive towards. The proverbs 31 woman is the best version of a woman because;

  1. She is a good wife and her husband is well known because of her. Verse 11, 23.
  2. She is a good business woman and is hard working. Verses 13,14,19,24.
  3. She is a great mother so much so that her children call her blessed. Verse 28.
  4. She goes to the gym. Verse 17.
  5. She is fashionably dressed and always looks her best. Verses 21.
  6. She is happy – because her hard work pays off and gives her a good reputation. Verse 31.
  7. She is full of wisdom and fears the Lord. Verses 26 and proverbs 1:7.
  8. She is a philanthropist. Verse 20.
  9. She is confident in herself and doesn’t seek validation in anyone. Verse 18.


That marked the end of Saturday’s meeting. Having spent an entire afternoon soaking in all the powerful teachings, most were eager to enjoy the delicious food that was awaiting us. We sat together around a big table as we ate and socialized.

Then came Sunday, the final day of the conference. Looking around the church you could spot the ladies in white and hot pink, the dress code colours.  Reverend concluded the conference by speaking about the seven S’s of a godly woman based on Proverbs 31:10-31.

  1. Her standing- she is worth a lot, Verse 10, and come with a blessing.
  2. Her sacrifices – verses 13-16. She wakes up early to prepare her family for the day
  3. Her service – she is always willing to serve others.
  4. Her speech – she elevates and builds with her words. She speaks with wisdom leaving an impact. Verse 26.
  5. Her selflessness – she looks after everything she is entrusted to watch over.
  6. Her satisfaction – she is satisfied and content with the good things in her life.
  7. Her secret- verse 30. She fears the Lord and serves Him whole heartedly.


And with that came the end of the destiny women’s conference. Overall, it was a great time to learn how to equip ourselves as women into becoming the best version of ourselves according to God’s will and being the best godly woman. It was an amazing learning experience.  Definitely looking forward to next year.